Artist Profile

E. Nampitjin

1st July 1921 - 11th March 2013


Kukatja, Purtitjarra, Mantjilytjarra and Wangkajungka


Eubena (pronounced “yupinya”) is the best known of Warlayirti Artists’ many artists. In her formative years Eubena and her family travelled and hunted, performing ceremonies and Law to look after their country in the Great Sandy Desert. Mukaka, Eubena’s mother, together with her uncle, gave her Maparn (traditional healer) skills when Eubena was just a young girl.

Eubena along with her first husband (the late Gimme) and family travelled up the Canning Stock Route to Billiluna Station. From here, they followed the mission from location to location until it established the present site at Balgo. Gimme was the first Puntu to work with Father Piele and teach him Kukatja and gave Father Piele his skin name Tjapaltjarri.

Eubena started painting with her second husband Wimmitji in the mid 1980s. Her work was in the Art from the Great Sandy Desert exhibition (AGWA 1986) and she won the Telstra Open Painting Award in the 15th National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards, MAGNT, 1998.

Collections: AGNSW; ArtBank; Gantner Myer Collection; Kelton Foundation, Santa Monica, USA; Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection, USA; Levi-Kaplan Collection, Seattle; NGA; NGV; Singapore Art Museum; Western Mining Corporation Collection.